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Are You Missing Out on Worldly Pleasures?

From time to time, you may read me referencing to my late father and that’s because, even though my time with him was limited, I learned important things that every little girl should learn from her father. Another memory of him, is in 6th grade as he drove me to school, we saw a girl […]


The Positive Controversy, Interview with Kristen Pope

She’s what I aspire to be-An award-winning journalist! More importantly she’s a woman of God influencing women with her organization, “The King’s Daughters.” She’s also not afraid of the truth with her webshow, “The Positive Controversy.” I’m excited to introduce to you Kristen Pope, a woman I believe is a great mentor for our generation […]


10 Scriptures for Conquering Stress

Whether you’re in your career or you’re a college or high school student there’s one thing you have in common with each other-stress. Stress that can leave you in a bad mood at the end of the day or maybe for the rest of the week. Prayerfully, I’ve learned how to overcome stress as I’m […]


How Can I Minister to Friends?

We’ve heard the saying, “To some you may be only bible they read.” I find a lot of truth in those words as a Christian. Whether they are your friend, family member, or a stranger of random conversation in the aisles of a store. They are watching you. They are reading you, even if they […]


Temporary Wells

“A woman of Samaria came to draw water. Jesus said to her, “Give me a drink.” – John 4: 7, NKJV  Have you gone repeatedly back to a source to get a need met and in all of your effort to get full you somehow leave unfulfilled. Everything that you thought you needed to fill […]


He Sees Me No Different

“I can do all this through Christ who gives me strength.”Philippians 4:13 As I sit back and think about what happened 3 years ago I begin to tear up. Not thinking that one year later I would meet my now husband. When we first met there was worry he would see me differently than I saw myself. For fear of […]


How I Became a Better Friend

I have a type A personality, and therefore, I’m generally goal oriented. While this worked for me in the professional world it didn’t translate well into my relationships. Namely, because I focused so much on school, and personal goals, I dropped the ball on my friends. While I always showed up for them when they […]


Want to be Convicted? Become a Mentor

For the past three years, I have mentored young women that are in college. I have walked alongside them through a range of struggles, phases and life changes, and thankfully they have done the same for me. You hear people talk about how useful it is to have a mentor and how wonderful and rewarding […]


The Instrinsic Cleansing Process

Have you ever asked God to give you more of him and less of you? If so, what happened next? I guarantee that it wasn’t unicorns and rainbows! When we ask God to change us, we are asking for a process.We are asking him to apply pressure to our lives in order to make us […]