To be content in an overbearing culture that constantly bombards us with the ideology that having more will quench our desires is easier said than done.

According to the world’s standards, this notion of having more; more houses, more money, more clothes, etc, is the lie that is educating our future generations with the false reality and belief that having more will satisfy our souls and makes us happy/content. In order for me to block this ideology, my world view is constructed through the lens of biblical principles. I love the Apostle Paul’s attitude toward contentment. He stated in the book of Philippians 4:11, “I have learned to be content.”

This led me to believe that contentment is the attitude of one’s own self-will and not a characteristic trait that one will inherently possess. While reading this verse, I often wondered and ask myself, how can one “learn” to be content as Paul wrote it? My short response would be, through trial and error. But, let me paint a more colorful picture. As a single woman, it is my desire to married one day, and often times I get occasional flirting from men, who I call “not the promise.” Why? Because I can spot the guy from a mile away that he is NOT who God has shown me in my prayers.

But in my loneliness, I would entertain their conversations and may even go out for coffee.  I would hope that maybe this time he could be “the promise” but to no avail, I would always leave the situation feeling frustrated and disappointed 

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