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Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman’s third magazine issue with the theme “Contentment” is NOW available! 

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What can you find inside? Countless articles on contentment from women just like around the world. In the third issue you will find a featured interview with Singer-songwriter, Morgan Harper Nichols on her journey as a Christian artist. We also catch up with Jasmine Macharia, the author of “Breakfast with the King.”  You don’t want to miss Jasmine’s amazing recipes from her book that are included in this interview.

Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman’s second magazine issue with the theme “Restoration” is still available! 

Get yours in print or digital HERE. 

Do You Want to be Restored?  Weighed down by the stresses of life? This article is for you! Encouraging you to dive deep in God’s word for renewal everyday. We share Juliette Bush’s  mission to Cape Town, South Africa is inspiring others. In this issue, we also tackle social media.  Is Social Media Compromising Your Christianity?  It’s practically taking over our generation. How much is too much? God’s word comes first but it seems many have gone astray with the constant attraction to social media. When you are online, what are you posting?

Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman’s first issue is still available!

It’s full of articles and interviews surrounding the fruits of the spirit. Get yours in print or digital HERE.

 This issue encourages you to slow down and BE STILL in the presence of the Lord, despite your busy schedule. When was the last time you spent quality time with him in the midst of your hectic schedule?  Bailey Hawkins of Sequins and Seams – a blog dedicated to fashion is also featured in this issue.  Bailey shares with us her thoughts on modesty and true beauty in today’s society. Also, what is God nourishing inside of You?  How fruitful are you? This issue challenges you to think of the important things that matter inside versus the outside.