We say thank you a lot more than we should. Some of you may be giving me a side eye right now but seriously when was the last time you gave a sincere Thank You? When I normally say thank you, it is a sign of being polite. We have to say thank you to show proper manners right? Well technically that is what we are taught so my answer was yes but then I prayed.

I love prayer because it helps me to see beyond the surface. God always wants me to look up the meaning of words so I did.

Thank you has two definitions: 1. a polite expression used when acknowledging a gift, service, or compliment, or accepting or refusing an offer. 2. an instance or means of expressing thanks. Two key phrases: a polite expression and an instance.

“Are you giving me thanks because it’s the polite thing you were taught to do or because the Holy Ghost taught you to instantly give me thanks?” I had a wow moment because God wanted to know who’s leading me in thanks.

I had to honestly reflect over the past few months and think was I saying thank you God because I was taught that through church or was it a sincere thank you God from the inside of me. I began to pray for God to get every instant gratification out of me because he deserves it. No more practiced thanks.

I went into repentance and the spirit interceded. It revealed to me that God is done with all our practices. No more practice faith, no more practice wholeness, no more practice beliefs, no more practice prayers NO MORE! God is ready for all of us! He wants our genuine flat out worship, our mustard seed of faith, our lights to be bright not dim he wants the truth!

What have you been stuck practicing?

Whatever it is bring it to God now, be truthful with yourself, and repent unto God. God is ready for us to stop practicing to be right and start becoming right! The greatest example to walk this earth was Jesus. According to Matthew 20:34, Mark 10:52, Luke 18:42, Jesus gave change instantly.

We have the same power. Thank You God for the power!

Are you ready to yield your practices and walk by faith?