Last night my husband came home from work and pretty much without even giving him a chance to get his coat off I began to unleash my thoughts on Exodus and what i’ve been learning about God though this reading.

The problem is – well not a problem really (I don’t think) I get a bit over enthusiastic about what I want to say – and my passion gets crazy, before I know it I realize that I’m throwing my arms around expressively, and the more excited I get the more I’m dancing around the room thinking that this will somehow make a difference to how what is coming out of my mouth is received! Not many people see this side of me – probably a much more toned down version of my passion – although, I’m beginning to think that maybe they should!

Passion! I love seeing passion coming through people, it could be anything, something they love and can’t contain within. They are compelled to share it, have to shout about it, tell everyone!!

The stronger my relationship is becoming with the Lord and the more I grow in my faith, the stronger my passion is getting – but not only that, the stronger my family is becoming.

Sharing your passion is a very simple way to encourage and the best thing is  you could pretty much share it anywhere.

My husband may have wanted a cup of tea before I blurted out all the thoughts that had built up throughout the day, but he would tell you that my passion and enthusiasm was encouraging, far from boring and helped by building him up. Not only that but he too was able to give me even more insight into what I had been reading. We can:

Encourage one another and build each other up.’ (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

My path with the Lord reminds me of this…..

It’s like, I’m being led across a river over little stepping stones, each one I jump onto is another little bit of knowledge about God. Then after sometime, I suddenly reach a big gap between the stepping stone I’m on and the one I need to reach. At this point I know that I am being told that I have to take an extra big leap to get to the next level. What I know from my relationship with God, is that it is at this point that something is going to change to give me the ability to take that extra big jump.

What must be remember is that, the only way I can get across those little stepping stones to reach the stone with the extra big jump is by having a relationship with God and being able to hear him. I can’t know his will, I can’t hear answers to prayer, I can’t jump across the big gap to the next stepping stone unless I’m seeking to have a relationship with the Lord. So what can I do to seek him, to know him, to build a relationship with him and bring him into the family home?

It’s quite simple really – read the bible and discover who God is and pray. Open the book that will tell you all you need to know to live in the truth. Ask God to reveal himself to you – to make the bible come alive!

What I’ve come to realize over the last couple of months is that I’ve been doing it all wrong, the bible should be read to learn about who God is and to know God. That way, aside from prayer – a relationship can be built. Flipping though the bible and hoping to come across scripture that tells me what to do isn’t exactly the best approach to learning who God is.

Digging deeper into the bible – that’s when the pieces start to come together, thats when things got REALLY exciting and life began to change for me. By beginning to truly know God, in a deeper way, I can begin to let my relationship shine through, and shine into my family home.

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