Let me introduce myself. My name is Gaelin, and I love my husband. Like L-O-V-E my husband. So much so, that when we were in college I told him we were getting married before he even agreed to date me. (You’re thinking, well she’s a loony toon. Stay with me for just a little longer.)

Thankfully that didn’t scare him off.

We have both entered the covenant of marriage with confident knowledge that divorce is off the table for us. It just has to be off the table for us to be able to fully flourish as a married couple working for Jesus. We might kill each other one day 😉 – but we refuse divorce. And even though our marriage is as secure as it can be in this earthly stage of our relationship, I still desire to know everything I possibly can about him. I want to know what he got for lunch at work, if he had to sit in traffic, etc. you probably get the picture. I’m 100% in this covenant and am striving everyday to get to know my husband better and better.

So let’s switch gears a tiny bit. My eternity in heaven is 100% secure. Jesus is not going to divorce me, and scripture makes that very very clear. In the same way that my marriage is secure to me, my salvation is even more so secure because the other end of the covenant isn’t being sealed by another human. It’s sealed by the creator of the universe. Here’s where it gets a little sticky. Am I striving to get to know my Heavenly Father as much as I am striving to get to know my husband? I’ll go ahead and answer for myself, and probably some others out there.

Unfortunately, no. I’m not.

And sure this might be because I have a physical representation of my marriage in the human form of my husband, but that isn’t an excuse for me to neglect the development of my relationship with Jesus. My pastor said once that “marriage is the visible representation of an invisible truth”, meaning that my marriage is an excellent example of the gospel and Christ’s love for His people.

So ladies, I’m challenging myself and all of you to think on this.

Are we desiring to know every little detail we can possibly find about Him? Just think about how wonderful it could be. I love my husband so very much- but at the end of the day, he could fail me and I could fail him because we are only human. But our Heavenly Father loves us more than we can ever understand and He has already promised that He will not fail us. Ever.

So I encourage you to pursue your relationship with Jesus. Go hard searching for him. Just remember how giddy and excited you were when you met your husband/boyfriend/fiancé and remember how you wanted to know all about them. And remember that Jesus Christ wants to be pursued with that intensity by his children. After all, He gifted me with my husband but the hole in my heart designed for Jesus to fill- is still and will always only be His to fill.

Acts 17:24-28


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