Meet MiMi Q. Atkins, a woman of God on a journey of living her journey as a writer. In this interview, she shares how she transitioned from teaching to being an entrepreneur

MVW: Tell readers about your background. 

MiMi: I am a follower of Christ and mother to a homeschooled pre-teen daughter who happens to be the love of my life. I am a former high school English teacher and adjunct professor. I quit the profession in May 2016 to pursue my passion of being an author and entrepreneur. I am the CEO of Glitter Moon Press – a publishing, consulting, and coaching agency for authorpreneurs (authors + entrepreneurs). I am also an industry expert and marketing influencer for MiMi, Inc. (my lifestyle brand)

MVW: You stepped out on faith to become an entrepreneur. How challenging was this for you?

MiMi: It was very challenging the year before I did it, but as the time grew closer I jumped and built my wings on the way down.

MVW: What was your confirmation from the Lord to start a journey of being your own boss?

MiMi: I was depressed and stressed every day as a teacher for the last year of my career. I would cry before work and persuade myself to get out of bed every morning or go inside the building. I prayed. God’s Word first and foremost tells us to “take up your cross and follow Christ” (Matthew 16:24). I know in that career it was no longer a part of the journey for me.

MVW: Why do you think so many people ignore God’s voice when it comes to him leading us in the right direction?

MiMi: Well God speaks to us first and foremost in His word and many people don’t know the Word or God, sadly. It’s an unfortunate truth. Yes, even amongst the Christian body – there is a lack of theology and sound doctrine in churches so people look for an audible voice or sound when all they have to do is know the Word to hear God “speak.”

MVW: What advice would you give to someone that was once in your situation?

MiMi: Never sacrifice your joy or well-being for the security of a payroll check. Develop a growth mindset to handle life.

MVW: How can others prepare financially to transitioning as an entrepreneur?

MiMi: Save. Save. Save. Practice minimalism – get rid of excess and unnecessary possessions. Decrease the space you occupy and create the job you love or want to love.

MVW: How can readers connect with you?

MiMi: My website: That’s my name/handle on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram also. Or to keep it simple they can Google me.

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