I was recently prompted to read up on the relationship between King Saul and David. I felt like I needed some help respecting the authority of a person with whom I often do not agree, and whose motivations I can’t pin as honorable – no matter how hard I try.

Maybe God has placed someone like this in your life – maybe it’s just me?

The story of young David and King Saul is an epic tale of a noble young man with impeccable character, and a corrupt king who continually attempts to assault and kill David. Approaching this story with the wounds of unjust attacks, I was so confident that my role in this story was that of the noble David and that my sparring partner was none others than King Saul.

Imagine my surprise, as I studied the script, that my heart aligned with some of the desires of the corrupt King Saul.

This isn’t how the story is supposed to go?!?!?!

King Saul desires for David to be destroyed. He knows that David will one day be king and is paranoid and threatened by this realization. Among his ploys is the surrendering of David into the (enemy) hands of the Philistines, (1 Sam 18:17).

Have you ever desired for a situation to just be ‘handled’ –  by whatever means necessary?

Yeah, the realization of just how un-noble this line of thinking is slapped me pretty hard.

To anyone who has been hurt, I think it can be easy to feel justified in anger; but to feel ‘justified’ can be dangerous. To feel justified can mean you feel you have the RIGHT to be angry, upset, indignant. Righteous anger aside, this sits opposite to humility, and is therefore opposite the example Jesus set for us.

Returning to our story, I think it’s important to note that David does not remain blindly in the line of fire. He flees the attacks of King Saul, beginning in 1 Sam 19:10, and continues to do so through the duration of the book of 1 Samuel.

It is possible to protect our own safety while respecting the authority of those God has placed in our lives. Nothing is lost to God – he uses all things, all people, all situations for our good. (Romans 8:28). David sets an incredible example of respecting authority – even when it’s hard. ‘Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.’ (Romans 13:1).

I refuse to get political here – I believe that God looks at the heart of a person. I am grateful that it is not my job to judge, and I will respect those placed in positions of authority because I believe God is working the bigger picture. Respect does NOT mean I have to agree with them. That is all.

I do believe that it all comes down to a heart issue. Where do we place our trust in the outcome of our life or the lives of others? With God, or in the enemies’ hands or worldly hands?

In 1 Samuel 26:24 David comments after sparing the life of the King who desires him dead, ‘As surely as I valued your life today, so may the Lord value my life and deliver me from all trouble’.

This scripture began to give me perspective and peace. If I value the lives of EVERYONE God has placed in my life, and if I submit all situations to God and NOT to the world – I can trust that He is faithful to ‘value my life and deliver me from all trouble’.

If David had truly believed his life was in the hands of King Saul – he may have reacted to the King’s malice differently. He knew that God’s governing power reigns supreme. In the moments I question the character of those who hold the capacity to hurt me – I am reminded that it is Him who holds my joy and my future, and I am so grateful for His overwhelming faithfulness. 

Praying this might help someone else out there find peace. ♥️

About the Author

Megan Deemer is a full time critical care nurse, and part time writer for Jesus. She has been married to her husband, Christian, for almost ten years. The Deemer’s have a beautiful and feisty six-year-old daughter, Libby. Megan is honored to have the opportunity to share some of the truths Jesus drops into her own life.

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