“Adorned in Armor was inspired by Ephesians 6’s message about putting on the full armor of God; it preaches to properly uniform spiritually and physically in order to fight in victory. Today, I encourage and equip over 16,000 women to conquer life through fashion and faith.” – Tarah Saint-Elien

In our latest “Our Virtues” series Tarah Saint-Elien took some time out her busy schedule to share with us her journey in Christ and how other women can turn only to HIM. Tarah is the young woman behind the blog “Adorned in Armor. She says her brand has led her to top fashion media internships, huge collaborations, pageantry, her podcast, writing opportunities with Teen Vogue and the Haitian Times, and now, her three-book deal with Baker Publishing Group.

Now, let’s jump into the interview!

MVW:  What do you think is one of the biggest struggles that most women are facing right now? 

Tarah: I feel like women are struggling with the comparison game. We have sisters in the church hating on one another because of their gifts and God’s favor. And it’s so easy to compare especially in our social media age! Everything is visual and we are always pounded with more life updates — from engagements to weddings, to babies, to promotions, to the new gig.

We want to feel relevant, we want to know we matter. Christ shows that through His love but oftentimes, we turn away from Him and into arms of temporary things. It was once said, “comparison is the thief of joy.” And I must agree. It’s so necessary to unplug and rest your mind from what the world is forcing upon you. It’s even better to fuel up on the promises God has for us in His Word. Social media highlights what you lack but spending time with Christ highlights everything He has given you and all that’s to come.


MVW: On your blog, you mention that loving fashion isn’t vain. Why do you think women should dress with more class, during a time when “the world” insists that they bare more? 

Tarah: Yes! I say fashion isn’t vain because God can use every industry and every interest for His glory. I believe when we seek to honor God, we should do so in all ways, including how we carry themselves. This includes what we wear, say etc. and it begins with inside work. When your heart changes, so does your dress. Dressing honorably means nothing if you are committed to living in dishonor.

I also want to point out that the further you go with Christ, the more you’re attuned to conviction. I never called myself a modest influencer, because I know modesty is relative. I once was in a group with a few modest bloggers where we would share our content with one another. One day, I received a message about how I was dressed inappropriately because I had my arms out. Apparently, it was my “second” time to cross that boundary. I was like “wowwwww” lol but I respected it. I didn’t await my third strike; I simply left the group. I hold nothing against them but it further illustrated how everyone has their own idea of what modesty is. People will always have their own views on how a woman should dress whether it be society or the church.

The point of this is to say: I adorn myself in what best represents Christ in me. If I put on an outfit and I’m convicted, I won’t wear it let alone post it.

Oh and one last thing! You don’t have to give up your personal style in your personal walk with God! However, you should keep in mind that how you look is a reflection of Christ. Show the world His light. Your style can also shine.

MVW: Your podcast, “Dressed for Battle” is amazing! What has been your favorite episode to record so far and why? 

Tarah: Thank you so much! I definitely can’t choose a favorite but I’ll share one of the aspects that always leaves me in awe. It’s the way God surprises the interviewee with what He presses on their hearts to share. My guests come into the interview with one idea of what they’ll talk about and it radically changes once they open their mouths. I don’t prepare my questions ahead of time and I don’t ask them about their topic pre-interview. The Holy Spirit enables the conversation to just flow. It’s such a vulnerable transparency that breaks strongholds! I am so honored to hear their stories — struggles satan wants to keep hidden but Christ has the victory. Every single episode blesses me and I thank God for what He’s doing. It’s unbelievable. So many people have written in with their struggles and how the episodes have equipped them in their battles.

MVW: Where can other ladies connect with you?

Tarah: Hey ladies, you can connect with me in a myriad of ways! The number one way is my newsletter, you’ll receive biweekly encouraging emails where I share the secret weapons you need to conquer life with Christ. Think of it as having your own cheerleader in your inbox! I’m also working super hard on my YouTube channel, Instagram and blog. Can’t wait to connect with you! – Tarah

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